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ai academy logo
The AI track

From neural networks and LLMs to algorithmic bias and data ethics, AI Academy covers the latest trends, insights and technological developments from industry experts pushing boundaries in artificial intelligence.

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Audio waves logo
Where audio meets tech

Audio Waves sits at the intersection of audio and tech – a space for the people at the forefront of the music, podcast and audio business to discuss how tech is changing the world for the better.

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book summit logo
For readers and writers

Book Summit unites authors, academics, critics, publishing organisations and more for a deep dive into the world of books.

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click and mortar logo
The future of retail

Click & Mortar gathers the biggest names in ecommerce to discuss social commerce, retail brands’ digitalisation, and consumer shopping experiences.

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content makers logo
The one for creators

The world’s leading media companies, both traditional and new, gather with those creating, distributing and monetising content to explore the future of the content we consume.

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corporate innovation summit logo
Business that innovates

Corporate Innovation Summit brings together the leaders at the helms of the world’s biggest corporations as they confront the major issues facing businesses today.

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creatiff logo
The design track

Our gathering for designers, bringing together artists, graphic designers and creatives from all disciplines and corners of tech to explore design thinking.

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deeptech logo
Technology in its infancy

Explore fundamental breakthroughs in science and engineering that will change lives and reshape industries.

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energy logo
The energy track

An exploration of the world’s energy dynamics, Energy gathers experts to examine the entire landscape – transcending the confines of the traditional and renewable sectors, and leading the path to a diverse and sustainable future.

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fourth estate logo
The journalism track

The world’s leading journalists explore tech and news, new audiences and credibility in the age of misinformation.

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fullstk logo
The developer track

FullSTK is our developer gathering – bringing together the product managers, data scientists, coders and engineers programming the future to talk tech.

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future societies logo
Where visionaries gather

Future Societies gathers world leaders, tech innovators, policymakers and activists to examine technology’s role in society and politics, and how it is transforming the way we live, learn, work and play.

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growth summit logo
Unicorns in the making

Growth Summit brings together the founders and leaders of the world’s highest-growth companies. Learn from the tech leaders of tomorrow.

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Healthcare as it will be

HealthConf brings together tech leaders and policymakers in health AI and data, human enhancement, behavioural tech and more. Learn from the behemoths and startups using tech to help us live longer and better.

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machine logo
Autotech and robotics

Machine focuses on autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart cities and the internet of things, bringing together the industry’s leading companies, experts and hobbyists.

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modum logo
The fashion of the future

Modum is the world’s leading fashion technology gathering. This is where leading brands, industry icons, marketers, investors and technologists connect to map the future.

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moneyconf logo
The evolution of finance

MoneyConf is where the world’s leading banks, tech firms and fintech startups meet. This track sits at the intersection of finance and technology.

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pandaconf logo
The marketing track

PandaConf is a platform for global CMOs, leading brands, marketing and advertising industry giants, investors, agencies and adtech startups.

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planet tech logo
The sustainability track

planet:tech provides a global meeting point to explore technology and the environment. Environmental activists and tech giants discuss sustainability, green tech and the fight against climate change.

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policymakers logo
Innovating for the public

Effective regulations and policies are needed to ensure that tech developments don’t exacerbate inequality and drive society into dystopia. PolicyMakers gathers experts to discuss how to thread this needle.

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q and a logo
Ask them anything

It’s one of the most open and honest stages in tech. Our biggest speakers give the audience a chance to ask them anything on the Q&A stage.

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saas monster logo
The SaaS track

A gathering for the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies and the largest buyers and sellers of technology and software.

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sportstrade logo
More than just a game

On SportsTrade, all-stars from the sports, tech, gaming and media worlds get together to break down the new technology transforming how we compete and engage with sports.

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startup university logo
Kickstarting a startup

Our network of CEOs, founders and investors take the stage to give their tips on how to navigate launching and growing a startup. Learn from the people who’ve done it all before.

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venture logo
Smart money talks

Venture is a congregation of the most prominent investors from leading international funds, along with influential angels, accelerators and LPs, to discuss the future of funding.

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verified logo
The creator economy

Ever wanted an inside look at the creator economy? Verified unites influencers and digital entrepreneurs to discuss the business of creating online.

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Web 3.0

From cryptocurrency to the metaverse and gaming, to direct immersion into the digital world, Web3 brings together the leaders forging the way through the third-generation internet.